Attention Travelers with Luggage!! Make Sure to Use Elevators in Tokyo Stations!

Hello there! When navigating through various stations in Tokyo, it’s common to see many travelers struggling with large luggage while navigating stairs. Tokyo is a must-visit destination for travelers. However, Tokyo stations are vast and complex, making it challenging for travelers to move around with bulky luggage. Therefore, in this blog post, I’ll introduce elevators that are available for travelers who may not be aware of them, ensuring a smoother journey through Tokyo stations.


In Tokyo Stations, Elevators Await

In Tokyo stations, there are always elevators available. In fact, elevators are installed in every Tokyo station. They might seem a bit far away, but if you scan to the end of the platform, you’ll always find an elevator. Please make sure to use them, especially when you’re moving around with heavy luggage, like before checking into a hotel.

And remember, this is the symbol for elevators in Japan

Finding Your Way Smoothly: Knowing the Elevator Locations

Upon arriving at Tokyo stations, the first thing to do is check the station’s layout map. Elevator locations are usually clearly marked on these maps. Don’t hesitate to ask station staff for assistance as well. By using elevators, even travelers with bulky luggage can navigate smoothly.

In conclusion

Rest assured, Tokyo stations are equipped with elevators, ensuring ease of travel for those with heavy luggage. If you ever feel disoriented within the station, don’t forget to give the elevators a try!

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