Tokyo Summers Are Hot! 4 Heatstroke Prevention Tips You Can Solve at Convenience Stores

Tokyo summers are notoriously hot and humid, making it easy to fall victim to heatstroke. For travelers from overseas, adjusting to this climate can be challenging. Fortunately, Tokyo is home to numerous convenience stores (konbini) where you can easily find items to prevent heatstroke. Here are 10 heatstroke prevention tips you can tackle with items from Tokyo’s convenience stores.


Sweat Wipes: A Must-Have in Japan

You might not have heard of them, but in Japan, we have disposable wipes specifically designed to remove sweat and provide a cooling sensation. These wipes are essential for staying comfortable during the hot and humid summer months. They help you wipe away sweat and keep you feeling fresh and cool throughout the day!

Salt Candy

High humidity can cause you to lose minerals through sweat, making it easier to become unwell. Therefore, replenishing salt is essential for preventing heatstroke. Convenience stores sell salt candies and salt tablets, which are easy to carry and provide a simple way to replenish salt while on the go.

Sports Drinks

Staying hydrated is crucial to preventing heatstroke. Convenience stores stock a variety of sports drinks like Pocari Sweat and Aquarius. These drinks help maintain your body’s electrolyte balance, which is essential during hot weather.

Cooling Sheets

Cooling sheets that can be applied to your neck or forehead are available at convenience stores. These sheets are highly effective in lowering body temperature. They are a must-have when walking around in the hot sun.


Tokyo’s summer heat can pose a risk of heatstroke, but you can easily find preventive measures at convenience stores. From sports drinks and cooling sheets to salt candy and sunscreen, there are plenty of items to help you stay comfortable. Make the most of the convenience stores to enjoy a safe and pleasant summer in Tokyo. Remember to prioritize your health and make wonderful memories during your trip!

We hope this guide helps you navigate Tokyo’s summer heat effectively. Enjoy your stay and beat the heat with these handy tips!

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