Recommended by Tokyo Locals! Discover the Stunning Panorama of Tokyo at Shibuya SKY

When visiting Tokyo, it can be challenging to decide which spots to visit. So, I’m here to share a truly recommended spot that will make your trip unforgettable!

This time, I’ll introduce “Shibuya SKY”. Whether you’re alone or with friends, this place is a must-visit. Let’s dive into what makes Shibuya SKY so special.


What is Shibuya SKY?

Shibuya SKY is a stylish observation deck located on the rooftop of Shibuya Scramble Square, just a short walk from Shibuya Station. You may have seen it on Instagram or other social media platforms.

Admission Fees

CategoryOnline ReservationWalk-up Price
Adults2,200 yen2,500 yen
Middle & High School Students1,700 yen2,000 yen
Elementary School Students————1,200 yen
Children (3-5 years old)————700 yen

Shibuya Scramble Square, where Shibuya SKY is located, is currently undergoing redevelopment, but this bustling atmosphere only adds to its charm.

The Charm of Shibuya Scramble Square

On the first floor, you’ll find trendy sweets shops, and above that, there are plenty of Shibuya-style fashion stores. However, the observation deck is the highlight, so head straight up using the dedicated elevator!

The Stunning View from Shibuya SKY

When traveling in Tokyo, you probably have one or two worries or annoyances. The view from Shibuya SKY will make those worries seem insignificant.

Just look at this view!

You can see as far as Shinjuku and Roppongi. The sight of Mount Fuji in the distance is truly breathtaking, and it often brings tears to my eyes. It’s strangely refreshing too (this is just my personal feeling).

Important Tips Before Visiting Shibuya SKY

Thank you for considering a visit to Shibuya SKY! Here are some important tips to know before you go.

Tip 1: Check the time you want to go and make a reservation!

Shibuya SKY offers beautiful views in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Since it’s not a free observation deck, there is an admission fee similar to that of a small museum. I recommend visiting in the evening, so check the sunset time and make your reservation accordingly.

Tip 2: There are items you cannot bring in

Because it’s an open observation deck with a great view, safety measures are strictly enforced. Items that can be blown away by the wind or dropped are prohibited. Lockers are available near the entrance, so don’t forget to bring some coins.

Tip 3: Admission may be denied due to rain or other conditions

Even with a reservation, you may be denied entry due to rain or other weather conditions. In such cases, unused tickets can be exchanged for a same-day ticket within 30 days. If your reserved day is canceled, try to visit again within a month.

Shibuya SKY: A Stylish Observation Deck to Clear Your Mind

In the first installment of highly recommended Tokyo spots, we introduced “Shibuya SKY”. The breathtaking view from Shibuya is truly refreshing and helps clear your mind. Make sure to take the time to visit!

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